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Proteinase K


  • Product No. : SS009868
  • Cas No. : 39450-01-6
  • EINECS No. : 254-457-8
  • HS Code : 35079090
  • Synonyms : Endopeptidase K; Prok; Protease K; Tritirachium album proteinase K
  • Molecular formula : C29H27N2O12P
  • Molecular weight : 626.504641
Article number Packing Price Number Total Operation
Proteinase K,39450-01-6
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Description Proteinase K is a broad-spectrum serine protease originally isolated from fungus Engyodontium album. The protease was named “Proteinase K” for its ability to digest Keratin.
Transport Information
Symbol     Signal Word Danger

Appearance: white solid Protein
Specific activity:30.0U/mg P min
Rnase activity: none detected
Dnase activity: none detected

Storage storage at -20 °C
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