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For decades as a chemical supplier, LEAPChem has sourced chemical raw materials from chemical suppliers around the world and supplied them to manufacturers serving key industrial and consumer markets. As an expert in pharmaceutical and industrial chemical industry, LEAPChem is committed to focusing on environmental, health, safety and continuous improvement standards of chemical supply chain. Our chemical portfolio includes Acids, Bases, Inorganics, Alcohols, Solvents, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Intermediates, as well as general and other industrial chemicals and laboratory chemicals used extensively throughout hundreds of end markets. We maintain long-lasting relationships with multiple suppliers to protect our customers against disruptions in supply and to uphold pricing discipline. In this section “Selected Products”, you can find the industrial chemicals and laboratory chemicals which we own the greatest advantages. The selected products we provide are of the best quality and the most competitive prices, please do not hesitate to place an order online or send us an inquiry for more details.


Anastrozole USP39

CAS Number : 120511-73-1

Molecular Formula :


Daptomycin 95.0%min.

CAS Number : 103060-53-3

Molecular Formula :

Potassium clavulanate,61177-45-5

Potassium clavu... EP

CAS Number : 61177-45-5

Molecular Formula :

Dexamethasone sodium phosphate,55203-24-2

Dexamethasone s... EP6.0

CAS Number : 55203-24-2

Molecular Formula :

Propiverine hydrochloride,54556-98-8

Propiverine hyd... 99.0%-101.0%

CAS Number : 54556-98-8

Molecular Formula :


Minoxidil 97% to 103%

CAS Number : 38304-91-5

Molecular Formula :


Alanyl-glutamin... Oral use

CAS Number : 39537-23-0

Molecular Formula :


Ribavirin USP32

CAS Number : 36791-04-5

Molecular Formula :


1,1-Carbonyldii... 98%min

CAS Number : 530-62-1

Molecular Formula :