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Chemical intermediate is any chemical substance produced during the conversion of some reactant to a product. Most synthetic processes involve transformation of some readily available and often inexpensive substance to some desired product through a succession of steps. All the substances generated by one step and used for the succeeding step are considered intermediates. A reaction intermediate or an intermediate is a molecular entity that is formed from the reactants (or preceding intermediates) and reacts further to give the directly observed products of a chemical reaction. Pharmaceutical Formulation Intermediates (or PFI) is a commercial terminology used for Direct Compressible (DC). It comprises a mixture of active substances and excipients, usually in powder form. LEAPChem is a global supplier of chemical intermediates used to produce a variety of products for commercial and industrial use. The primary applications include pharmaceutical, adhesives & coatings, emulsifiers, polyurethane foams, silicone compounds, plasticizers, lubricants, etc. Our chemical intermediate products for pharmaceutical industry comprise top quality building blocks, reagents, solvents and protective groups for chemical synthesis in the pharmaceutical industry.



CAS Number : 60-34-4

Molecular Formula : CH6N2

Sodium naphthalene-1-acetate,61-31-4

Sodium naphthal...

CAS Number : 61-31-4

Molecular Formula : C12H9NaO2



CAS Number : 61-80-3

Molecular Formula : C7H5ClN2O

p-Nitrobenzoic acid,62-23-7

p-Nitrobenzoic ...

CAS Number : 62-23-7

Molecular Formula : C7H5NO4

Sodium oxalate,62-76-0

Sodium oxalate

CAS Number : 62-76-0

Molecular Formula : Na2C2O4

Ethyl methanesulfonate,62-50-0

Ethyl methanesu...

CAS Number : 62-50-0

Molecular Formula : C3H8O3S



CAS Number : 62-53-3

Molecular Formula : C6H7N

Calcium acetate,62-54-4

Calcium acetate

CAS Number : 62-54-4

Molecular Formula : C4H6CaO4

Uridine 5'-(tetrahydrogen triphosphate),63-39-8

Uridine 5'-(tet...

CAS Number : 63-39-8

Molecular Formula : C9H15N2O15P3