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At LEAPChem, we are dedicated to sourcing and supplying the best quality industrial and laboratory chemical products for our global customers and we aim to be your most reliable and resourceful partner in chemical field. We pride ourselves on being Professional Chemical Sourcing Specialists. We source industrial chemical raw materials and pharmaceutical ingredients from more than 10,000 producers, including many premier global manufacturers. We have established firm partnerships with high quality and reliable suppliers to integrate our service and logistics capabilities into their business processes to fulfill the various needs of supply chain service from our customers. In this section “Featured Products”, LEAPChem provides carefully selected series of chemical products for our loyal customers. The themes of featured products will be changed after a period of time, according to the popularity. Customers can follow our Linkedin page to receive the updates on our new featured products and other events.

Borane N,N-diisopropylethylamine complex,88996-23-0

Borane N,N-diis...

CAS Number : 88996-23-0

Molecular Formula : C8H22BN



CAS Number : 17702-41-9

Molecular Formula : B10H14



CAS Number : 960-71-4

Molecular Formula : C18H15B

Borane-triethylamine complex,1722-26-5


CAS Number : 1722-26-5

Molecular Formula : C6H18BN

Borane-trimethylamine complex,75-22-9


CAS Number : 75-22-9

Molecular Formula : C3H12BN



CAS Number : 74-94-2

Molecular Formula : C2H10BN

Isopropoxyboronic acid pinacol ester,61676-62-8

Isopropoxyboron... 98%min

CAS Number : 61676-62-8

Molecular Formula :

(-)-Diisopinocampheyl chloroborane,85116-37-6

(-)-Diisopinoca... 60%min

CAS Number : 85116-37-6

Molecular Formula :

(-)-Diisopinocampheyl borane,21932-54-7


CAS Number : 21932-54-7

Molecular Formula :