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Known as API, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient is the part of any drug that is active. Some drugs are comprised of multiple active ingredients to treat different diseases. There are two core components in any drug: the API, or Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, is the central ingredient; and the excipient, is the substance inside the drug or tablet which helps deliver the medication to your system. It is the API that produces the desired effect in the body, while the excipients are not chemically active, such as mineral oil. LEAPChem supplies APIs to many drug companies, universities, and labs all across the world, who we believe view LEAPChem as a valued partner in developing generic drugs and researching. In order to lower the cost of healthcare, LEAPChem is actively expanding its product lines and cooperation manufacturers to provide alternative and more economical options for API sourcing.



CAS Number : 52-53-9

Molecular Formula : C27H38N2O4

Angiotensin acetate,1407-47-2

Angiotensin ace...

CAS Number : 1407-47-2

Molecular Formula : C49H70N14O11

Ethacrynic acid,58-54-8

Ethacrynic acid

CAS Number : 58-54-8

Molecular Formula : C13H12Cl2O4



CAS Number : 60-27-5

Molecular Formula : C4H7N3O

Acetylcholine chloride,60-31-1

Acetylcholine c...

CAS Number : 60-31-1

Molecular Formula : C7H16NO2.Cl



CAS Number : 60-80-0

Molecular Formula : C11H12N2O

Quinine dihydrochloride,60-93-5

Quinine dihydro...

CAS Number : 60-93-5

Molecular Formula : C20H24N2O2.2(HCl)

Cyclic AMP,60-92-4

Cyclic AMP

CAS Number : 60-92-4

Molecular Formula : C10H12N5O6P



CAS Number : 60-87-7

Molecular Formula : C17H20N2S