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Promotional Products

LEAPChem is recognized as a supplier that is always working to create beneficial relationships with our customers and suppliers by providing reliable product supply, high quality industrial chemicals and laboratory chemicals, the logistics to meet routine and unexpected supply chain needs. We try our best to invest and focus our efforts by understanding the ever-changing market, reducing transactional costs, and expanding the diversity of offerings for each customer and supplier. Our product line includes basic chemicals, specialty chemicals and lab chemicals, which can be further divided into petrochemicals, polymers, basic inorganics, agrochemicals, paints and inks, dyes and pigments, textile chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, etc. LEAPChem provides high quality chemical raw materials for customers in different industries all around the world. In this section “Promotional Products”, you can find the most popular products that are promoted by LEAPChem. It means that the prices of the promotional products will be attractive and the stock is plenty. Normally the promotional products are selected from those highly accepted by the market and frequently searched products by our customers.

Trimagnesium dicitrate nonahydrate,153531-96-5

Trimagnesium di... 14.5%-16.4%

CAS Number : 153531-96-5

Molecular Formula : C12H28Mg3O23


2-Bromo-5-chlor... 0.98

CAS Number : 41513-04-6

Molecular Formula : C6H3BrClNO2

Ethyl carbazate,4114-31-2

Ethyl carbazate 0.99

CAS Number : 4114-31-2

Molecular Formula : C3H8N2O2

Cerium Oxide,23322-64-7

Cerium Oxide 0.99

CAS Number : 23322-64-7

Molecular Formula : CeO2


1,3-thiazolidin... 0.97

CAS Number : 504-78-9

Molecular Formula : C3H7NS

Lead chromate,7758-97-6

Lead chromate 0.98

CAS Number : 7758-97-6

Molecular Formula : PbCrO4

Silica gel,17265-14-4

Silica gel 0.98

CAS Number : 17265-14-4

Molecular Formula : SiO2

(S)-(+)-2-Chlorophenylglycine methyl ester,141109-14-0

(S)-(+)-2-Chlor... 0.98

CAS Number : 141109-14-0

Molecular Formula : C9H10ClNO2

Triethyl orthoacetate,78-39-7

Triethyl orthoa... 0.98

CAS Number : 78-39-7

Molecular Formula : C8H18O3