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Chemical Products

LEAPChem provides various ranges of fine chemicals to global customers.

The LEAPChem online catalog can be searched by Name (or partial name, keyword), CAS-No, Catalog number, as well as molecular formula. The Online catalog is updated frequently to add new products and to incorporate customer feedback.

Our wide range of products includes:    

1.      Biochemical Reagent

l  Amino Acids & Amino Acid Derivatives

l  Peptides    

l  Antibodies

l  Enzyme & Coenzyme

l  Antibiotics

l  Vitamins

l  Nucleosides

2.      Intermediates

3.      APIs

l  Small Molecule APIs

l  Peptide APIs

4.      Herbal Extracts & Animal Extracts

5.      Fragrances & Essences

6.      Dyestuff & Pigments

7.      Food & Feed Additives

8.      Catalysts & Chemical Auxiliaries

9.      Functional Materials

10.   Cosmetic Raw Materials

l  Small Molecule Cosmetic Raw Materials

l  Cosmetic Peptides

11.   Pesticide Products

12.   Metal Chemicals

13.   Industrial Chemicals

14.     Laboratory Chemicals

Products are available in flexible pack sizes, tailor-made to fit your precise needs. The quantity can be from grams to tons. If the product you need is not listed in our online catalog, please contact us. On request, we can perform custom synthesis. Please E-mail us at: sales@leapchem.com