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About Us

LEAPCHEM - A Quality & Customer Focused Chemical Supplier


In 2006, LEAPChem was formally established in Hangzhou, committed to providing solutions and services throughout the entire value chain to the chemical industry, from research, development and full production. After more than 17 years of development, LEAPChem has become an industry-recognized leading supplier. We have more than 20,000 high quality products available.


Key Numbers

18 years in chemical industry
32 industries covered: Pharma, Cosmetics, Electronics, Agro, etc.
70% of our employees have a background in chemistry with MSc or PHD
93% successful  rate in custom synthesis projects
99.5% of orders are delivered without any complaint  
2000+ active customers from more than 135 countries
27,000+ selected products



Can't Find A Reliable Chemical Supplier?

Trusted Quality and Regulatory Compliance

LEAPChem's concept of quality and regulatory compliance goes beyond your expectation.


QMS (Quality Management System)

Its objective is continuous improvement in all areas of the company.


Quality Assurance (QA) & Regulatory Affairs

It ensures complete compliance with regulations and manages the documentation for pharmaceutical registration records.


Supply Chain Transparency

LEAPChem is regularly audited and inspected by clients and regulatory agencies. We work only with approved and trusted providers.



Can't Transport Hazardous Chemicals?

LEAPChem is an experienced chemical supplier that is able to transport hazardous chemicals of Class 3-9 and Packing Group I, II, III. We also provide temperature-controlled storage conditions 2-8 °C and -20 °C when shipping temperature sensitive chemicals.

We provide uninterrupted service – from pickup to storage and distribution – all at the temperature required to maintain the quality, safety and integrity of your products.


Shipping Temperatures

2-8 -°C

-20 -°C

Hazardous Products

Class: 3-9

Packing Group: I, II, III


Can't find the chemical you need?

Our bulk and sourcing service offers precisely what you need, with flexible volumes from grams to tons.

For over 17 years, we’ve been building on a reputation of integrity and serving as a trusted resource for our customers.


LEAPCHEM Production

From literature research to pilot plant – we deliver chemicals with full capability to our customers to help them achieve their product development goals.

We provide bulk volumes for direct application in your industrial processes.


Custom Synthesis

For early stages in the laboratory to pilot scale for your research and development programs.

We are transforming your ideas into products.