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  • Peptide Modification

    LEAPChem has a large number of professional chemical experts, and enough capacity to produce various modifications to the polypeptide according to the requirements of the customers, satisfying the needs of scientific research users and business users.

N-terminal the modification

Acetylation Formylation Fatty acids HYNIC
Maleimide Succinylation Glycosylation DTPA
Sulfonation PhAc- Mpa- N-Bodipy Fl
Rodamine B Cholesteryl- acidBoc Trans-Cinnamoyl
Fructose- DL-Lipoic

C-terminal the modification

Amidation Esterification AFC OET
PNA(pNitroaniline) Cya(cysteamide)

Special amino acids

D-Amino Acids Phe derivatives Tyr derivatives beta-HomoAmino Acids
N-Methyl amino acid Hcy Hse Cit
HPh Har Aib
Nle Hse Hcy Ahx
Mpa Lys(Ac) Lys(Me) Lys(Me2)
Lys(Me3) Cys(Acm) Cys(tBu) Glu(EDANS)
Tyr(SO3H2) Ser(octanoic acid)


pSer pTyr pThr multiple-site in sequence

Fluorescent tags

Biotin FITC Edans Dansylchlorde
Rhodamine FAM MCA AMC
Dabcyl Dnp

Protein coupling

OVA Conjugation KLH Conjugation BSA Conjugation


Disulfide Cyclization multiple-disulfide Amide ring Stapled peptide

Other modification

C13 N15 PEGylation MAPs
SH OH Bodipyfl Azide