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LEAPChem offer a wide choice of standard reference material, pharmacology used natural products, bulk level natural products, high content extracts and active fractions, pharmaceutical intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients from plants.Nature; Healthy; Specialty; LEAPChem continues make innovations with the specialty ingredients that serve the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Discover our most recently added botanical extracts and derivatives shown below.

Molecular Structure CAS Number Product name Molecular Formula Inquiry
  55290-63-6   Atractylodin Analytical grade   C13H10O  
  6138-41-6   Trigonelline hydrochloride 98%min (HPLC)   C7H7NO2.HCl  
  3371-27-5   (-)-Gallocatechin 98%min (HPLC)   C15H14O7  
  32619-42-4   Oleuropein 98%min   C25H32O13  
  552-66-9   Daidzin 98%min(HPLC)   C21H20O9  
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