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At LeapChem, our philosophy is Beyond Your Expectation. We clearly know that the key is our employees. To us, being professional is a must. But we put same stress on the can-do-better attitude. Every employee is expected to work hard and exceed expectations of our customers. In return, LEAPChem is committed to creating the most valuable platform for our employees.

Working Environment
At LEAPChem, we respect one another's unique traits, backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. It is our principle that every employee can unleash their talents here and has the equal opportunity of promotion. We have positioned ourselves to create sustainable values for not only our dedicated customers and shareholders, but also for our employees.

Our Benefits
LEAPChem has many training programs to promote the growth and development of our employees, and provides full support in their career advancement. We offer a competitive benefits package that provides security for our employees. We also have a number of incentives in place for rewarding outstanding individual and team performance.



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